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Summer Tournaments for 2012

Posted by Danbury Horseshoe Club on May 12, 2012 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi All!!

Just wanted to give a shout out to the New Haven Horseshoe Club for a Great Sam Bartram Open tournament they held on May 6. Chris Surprenant was a great tournament director, yet again.

We had 8 from our Danbury Horseshoe Club that entered. Congrats to Joe Urban who went 7-0 in Class F took 1st. Shannon Clevenger was 4th, Jason Warner was 5th and John O'Brien was 6th. Mark Mason took 7th in Class E. Bob Stewart took 8th in Class D. I was in Class C and took 3rd. Rick Sherwood was to pitch in Class A, but was unable to attend due to an injury.  Thank you to Joe, Jason, John & Shannon for staying til the end with me and keeping score boards and rooting me on.

We at the the Danbury Horseshoe Club have our 1st tournament Sunday May 20th. I, as tournament director would like to thank all of you that are pitching and wish you lots of ringers. Thank you to Don Maine for coming down for stats & setting the tournament lineup.

3 classes in the morning and those players will start at 8:30am. Check in with Aimee by 8:00am. 3 classes are in the afternoon with a start time of 12:30pm.

No tanktops/cut off sleeves. Proper foot wear. You must have your last name & state on the back of your shirt.

We will have a 50/50 raffle and the drawing for a winner will be during the announcements for the afternoon classes at 12:30pm.

Breakfast sandwiches will be served in the morning and later on Aimee's Chili, Mark's pulled pork sandwiches along with burgers and dogs will be onsale in the John Garcia Cookhouse. Thank you to Rick & Ginny for helping in the kitchen!

Until the Sunday the 20th....have a great week & keep on pitching!

2012 Danbury Horseshoe Club Season

Posted by Danbury Horseshoe Club on April 29, 2012 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I want to start off by thanking all of you who had come down to the club and help out with opening the Horseshoe Club for the 2012 season. 35 of you came down and got it banged out in record time!!! The Club looks AMAZING!!!! 

I also want to welcome all of you back and a warm welcome to all of our new players/teams!!

Last year was a great one. The President and Secretary positions were up for re-election. Mark had decided at that time not to re-run for president & I decided to stay on as Secretary. No other nomination were posted on the board. Which left Rick as President/Vice-President. Dave Taylor had stepped down as Statistician. Over the course of the winter, Mark & Rick had decided Mark would stay on as President for 2 more years. Then Mark appointed Chris Plate, SR for the Statistician position for 1 year. We welcome Chris to the Board of Officers

We have a whopping 58 members this year. Comprised of 45 men, 9 women & 3 boys!

We have a tournament coming up on May 20th. I will be taking signups until May 10th. I know, I know...Why up until the 10th when the tournament is the 20th, you ask. I can answer that one. The past couple years I have been tournament director, I've gotten the last minute entries after I have submitted my list to Don Maine. This results in Don having to redo class lineups & resubmitting the information to Jim Hanson for the New England site.

The CTHPA States meeting was held & Mark, Chris & I attended. The President & Secretary positions were up for election. Paul Jary was elected President & Deb Scully was elected Secretary. I'd like to thank Jim Halligan for his years of dedication as CTHPA President. Bill Choser was Secretary, but had lost his battle with cancer last year. Bill will be missed by all who knew him.

Mark, Chris & I also attended the Tournament directors meeting in East Hartford. The majority of the Connecticut Tournament directors were there meeting with the CTHPA Board. We covered alot.

There will be one or more CTHPA Board members at every tournament. Each tournament director will be equipped with a vest. If that tournament director decides to pitch in the tournament, there will be an alternate tournament director to assist with any questions.

Good luck to everyone this season & hope you all enjoy yourselves! 






Another Season of Shoes

Posted by Danbury Horseshoe Club on May 13, 2011 at 4:24 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome back!! 2011 Season of horseshoes is ON!!  Danbury Horseshoe Club has just finished the 3rd week of an 18 week season.

We lost a quite a few members/teams, but had gained lots of new faces as well as some past members returned. I'm pleased to report we have 26 teams and 2 subs this season. Membership is up to 54. We still, however, could use a few more subs. 

May 22, marks the first tournament, held by the Danbury Horseshoe Club for the year. Aimee had recieved 39 entries. Not as much participation as we had the past two years. It's probably due to the unbelievable gas prices we have. None the less, it should turn out to be a great time.

Congratulations to last years Doubles Leauge Champions who recieved the Coveted Black League Jackets : John Gereg & Mark Mason and also to Playoff Champions who recieved the sweatshirts : Chris Plate and EJ Plate

I've listed on the calender page a list of all the Connecticut Tournaments that are schedualed for the 2011 season. If you are interested in participating in any of them, please see Aimee or Mark for details.

I will be heading to Keene, NH for the 2 tournaments they hold prior to the New England Championships. The 1st one is June 4 & 5 and the 2nd one is July 2, 3. If you are interested in going, Please see Aimee. (I'll be camping at Wheelock Park which is right next to the Keene Horseshoe Club. Leaving that Friday and returning Sunday for June tournament. For July tournament leaving that Friday and returning Tuesday the 4th)

Hope everyone has a great 2011 season and I will be seeing you during the season!

Women and Juniors in Tournaments

Posted by Danbury Horseshoe Club on August 20, 2010 at 7:51 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi all,

Just wanted to make a note....Tournaments..Please get in and play!  Club support/participation is so important. Not just for the club that you belong to, but all the clubs. We are all non-profit.  Each club that I have gone to for the summer tour has been WONDERFUL!  I may not of placed in the top 3, but I had so much fun and learn more and more about my pitching style and tecniques.  I watch the higher classes and learn from those men and women. I have been able to move myself up little by little. At the past Connecticut State Tournament, I was in Womens A class.  We had no Womens B, due to 6 women participating and 2 were in the high 50's and 2 in the 40's, while myself and one other brought up the rear being in the mid 20's.  I was floored when I found out the I pitched 31% for the day!  I had shot my butt off and did AWSOME, despite coming in last place. I never realized that I could actually keep up with the A women. It was a great time. One game I had was 68 shoes and my opponent and I shot 29 ringers each!  I thought I was done after that, but I came back with a 9 ringer game  @ 46 shoes and then my final game was a 19 ringer game that went 52 shoes. This is not just a game for the men.....we as women and juniors should get out there and sign up to show them what we got. Hopefully next year I will see more women and juniors at the tournaments. Until then....Have a Terrific end of summer season for 2010!!!

Hall of Fame final post.

Posted by Danbury Horseshoe Club on May 16, 2010 at 9:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Thank you, each and everyone of you that came and participated in the Danbury Hall of Fame Tournament. It means so much to me that you came to support the Danbury Horseshoe Club and myself. I'm overwelmed with emotion from the love and support you gave me to succeed for my 2nd year. It was a stressfull day for me, but you helped me through it in ways you could not imagine.

With the sun shining down (wish the wind stayed away) it was a terrific site to see each of you pitching and mingling with each other.

Your contributions to the 50/50, kitchen and our fundraiser of shot glasses and koozies helped tremendously.

A special thank you to Ed "Moon" Mancini for leading us of with the Star Spangled Banner for the morning and afternoon classes.

My love to you all

Hall Of Fame Tournament : May 16

Posted by Danbury Horseshoe Club on May 6, 2010 at 8:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Just wanted to Thank everyone ahead of time for participating in the Hall of Fame Tournament coming up. Last year was my first year as tournament director. It was a bit crazy for me due to personal issues I was going through, but it came together.

This time around, I'm more focused and cannot wait for the day. Things are coming together.

48 participants! It's going to be a great day. Lord, please let the rain stay away and bring the sunshine for the entire day!


Posted by Danbury Horseshoe Club on April 16, 2010 at 10:06 PM Comments comments (0)

On my mind is the competition of horseshoes...It can be a great time with friends, but in the back of your mind you want to win and get those ringers and have those bragging rights for that period of time that you've won. It's about the time and effort you put forth to pitch the game of a lifetime. I've seen players from Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. Elders, men, women, boys & girls. We are very competative when we put are minds to it. It seems to come natural to alot of you, while some of us struggle to find that comfort zone. I thank all of you that have given me advise over the years (and still do) to improve my game. Let's see for all the newbies out there, don't get frustrated. Enjoy it. I started out almost 6 years ago. My ringer percentage was 3.33%! After all this time with help from all my friends (from all New England States) I'm at 23.44%. For me that's a huge improvement! It's all about focus and concentration and practice. Playing against a higher percentage player helped me improve. Learning from them with what I do incorrectly and knowing how to improvemy game. Get out there and play in tournaments. See what you can do. That competative nature comes out, but take it one shoe at a time. Don't rush, concentrate, follow through and you'll be just fine. Have fun!

April work party

Posted by Danbury Horseshoe Club on April 11, 2010 at 10:55 PM Comments comments (0)

What a weekend...Thanks to everyone who came down to the courts to help out with the spring cleaning. It looks GREAT down there. There are just some minor things left to be done, but for the most part the big things got done. Just around the corner our season will begin. Then our first tournament that we host. I'm happy to be the tournament director for the Hall Of Fame Tournament. I hope and pray for good weather and the rain doesn't show up as it had last year. That will be a story for another blog post. Again THANK YOU for helping out this weekend. All your contributions are appreciated!


Posted by Danbury Horseshoe Club on April 4, 2010 at 2:02 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to the Danbury Horsehoe Club!


I'd like to take a moment to Welcome everyone back to our 20th year. :D

I'm so excited that we have new members coming in. Lets make them feel at home. We are a family that have been together for many years.


Can't wait for the 21 of April to get here. Let's start pitching!


Remember we have to tournaments that we host.

The Hall of Fame, held on the 15 & 16th of May and the John Garcia Doubles held on August .29


I've decided to start a blog this year. Mostly to keep everyone informed of the happenings on the courts during the season (game play by play) or what ever comes to mind. Please comment if you;d like.